Security is one of our main areas of focus, particularly for our single and female travellers. Our PREMIER SUITES properties aim to be considerate of lone females travelling far from home and the fact that travelling alone create anxiety and stress. All suites including our PLUS properties operate a comprehensive lone female guest programme. 

The policy covers key areas of security and measures implemented to ensure the guest feels safe and secure at all times.

For Your Security

  • Each of our heavy apartment doors is fitted with secondary locks. 
  • At check-in, we’ll hand you your room details discreetly, and we will never say the room number aloud.
  • Our teams do not allocate female lone travellers apartments on the ground floor where possible. We also do not place female lone travellers into apartments at the end of corridors or fire exits. 

A team member walks each of our guests to their apartments taking time to ensure lone travellers are introduced to their room interiors and facilities.

For Your Comfort and Convenience

  • Salon quality hair dryers
  • Complimentary toiletries
  • Assistance with luggage available

To help us allocate the most suitable room prior to arrival please request our Lone Female Guest Programme at the time of booking. 

What Our Guests Say

"I stayed for two nights and all of the staff were very helpful. I was travelling alone and felt very safe and taken care of. I was addressed by first name all the time which I liked. I had a spacious room on the second floor with a modern bathroom. Very quick and easy check-in, I was even offered help with luggage and shown around my apartment. I would definitely come back and recommend to my colleagues who are travelling alone."

Valentia, Mexico

"I am glad I gave PREMIER SUITES Birmingham a try. I really enjoyed the extra space, sofas, and kitchen, it certainly felt like a second home! Reception were helpful, I was travelling alone and always felt safe and secure. The check-in was discreet with the receptionist just pointing the room number out as another guest was waiting. Overall a pleasant stay, thanks all."

Margaret, Coventry