Travelling long-term can be great fun and a great way to break your usual routine, but it comes with a couple of drawbacks. Who will water your plants while you are away, or take in your post, or most importantly of all, what about your furry companion? If you are travelling for 28 days or more, PREMIER SUITES Birmingham gives you an alternative to leaving your pets at home, take them with you! Here’s why it’s a great idea:

The alternative

  • The most obvious alternative is to ask a neighbour or friend to visit and feed your pet a couple of times a day. This can be fine for a weekend but it can be inconvenient for your neighbour if you are away long term.
  • You could pay a pet sitting service to visit your dog but do you really want a stranger in your home? The cost alone is enough to turn you off.
  • Another option is to leave your pet in a kennel or cattery. This can cause undue stress to the animal and a lot of the time pets come home with ‘kennel cough’ from being exposed to other strange animals.

Benefits of taking your pet with you:

  • We understand that your pet is part of your family, often as big a part as your children. You wouldn’t travel long term and leave your kids with a neighbour so keep your family intact and travel as a complete family.
  • Sometimes finding care for your animal can prevent you from taking opportunities or travelling for business, which can affect your social life and career. Taking your pet with you gives you a lot more freedom to take longer trips whenever you like!
  • Being separated from our pets, or pets from their owners, for a long time can cause a lot of separation anxiety for both parties. Avoid the stress and worry of leaving them at home by taking them with you.

Why choose PS Birmingham for yours and your pets stay:

  • We offer more space than a traditional hotel stay, meaning you and your pet have room to move and sleep without living on top of each other.
  • We can help you to arrange a dog sitting or dog walking service if you plan to be away from your accommodation for an extended time.
  • The service is not just for dogs, we can offer space for cats, birds and other creatures, furry or not. If you can get them here safely, we can accommodate.

Walks in the area:

  • Calthorpe Park is 9 minutes by car and has lots of wide open spaces to run around.
  • Cannon Hill Park, 10 minutes away has 2km & 5km dog walking routes.
  • Or walk as long as you like along the 15km River Rea, just a 10-minute walk from our door.

If you are staying for longer than 28-nights, contact us about having your pet join you. To check our great value long-stay offers, visit our website or contact us directly by phone or email Hannah for more information. We look forward to welcoming you and your furry friend.

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