When you think of Birmingham what is the first thing that comes to mind? For some people it’s the Industrial Revolution, for others it’s the majestic waterways lined with history and for a special few, they think of Mr. Shelby himself in the TV show Peaky Blinders! We are lucky to live in a city filled with history, diverse culture and a vibrant lifestyle. Here are our pick of the cultural highlights in Birmingham

Back to Backs

We wouldn’t be where we are today without giving a nod to our rich past. We are known as hard working people and most of the working class in the 19th Century lived in what were known as back-to-backs. These were relatively small houses built literally back-to-back around a communal courtyard. You will hear stories and learn how people lived over 200 years ago in the last remaining preserved example of one of thousands of these courtyards in Birmingham. It’s a fascinating look at what life was like back then, helping to build the city we know today.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (BMAG) first opened in 1885 and located in one of our most impressive landmark buildings. Its 40 galleries hold a mixture of art, applied art, social history, archaeology and ethnography, all of which are free to explore. The gallery is famous for its pre- Raphaelite paintings, but you can also see art and objects dating back seven centuries from all over Europe including Greek & Roman and Ancient Egyptian. The gallery is a real must-do on a cultural trip to Birmingham.

Coffin Works

It may sound grim, but a visit to the Coffin Works is a really interesting and educational day out! Rated very highly on Trip Advisor, Birmingham’s newest attraction is a step back in time to experience how this 1960’s Newman Brothers factory worked on a day to day basis. The factory is most well-known for making furnishings and fittings for coffins, including those of Winston Churchill and the Queen Mother. It’s a great way to experience what factory life was like in the ‘60s.

Birmingham Cathedral

Another of the most recognisable and beautiful buildings in the city is Birmingham Cathedral, an English Baroque parish church. Whether you are religious or not, you’ll want to visit this magnificent church which contains four famous Pre-Raphaelite stained-glass windows designed by Sir Edward Burne-Jones. It is surrounded by a beautifully restored courtyard full of flowers in the warmer months. You can join them for a mass or a choral service throughout the week.

Peaky Blinders

If you’re into modern culture, you can learn a bit more about Birmingham’s darker recent history. You’ll learn about the real-life poverty, crime and dangerous gangs of our past while enjoying a couple of drinks and a typical Victorian dinner in The Old Crown Pub on Deritend High Street. The tour guides are hugely interested in the history or the area and are more than happy to answer and all questions you may have.

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